Benefits of Rent to Own

No Credit Check

You can qualify even if you have some credit issues.

Prompt Approval

You can have a shed as soon as we can deliver it.

Early Purchase Discount

No penalties for early payoff!

Rent to Own Program FAQs

Can I pay the agreement off early before the end of my agreement?

Yes. Mast Mini Barns offers an Early Purchase Option (EPO) discount.

Is there a penalty to purchase early?

No. The Early Purchase Option is a 45% discount off the balance due on your contract.

How long is the EPO price good for?

The EPO discount is a cash price, due in whole. If your account is current, then your EPO price will not change until your next payment is due. However, if your account is past due, you will not receive a discount on any past due payments.

Why do I pay a deposit, and when is it refunded?

The security deposit is refundable at either an early purchase option, voluntary turn in of building, or at the end of the contract if the condition of the building hasn’t been damaged or altered to hurt the sale of the building.  If damages exist other than normal wear and tear then Heartland Credit will estimate the damage and the customer is responsible for the cost of repairing the building for resale.  The cost will be taken from the security deposit..

What do you mean by “only a one-month agreement?” I thought it was a 24- or 36-month agreement.

The initial term of your rental agreement is for only one month. When you pay the next month’s rent, you automatically renew the agreement for one more month. After you renew consecutively for the full term (36 months), you can acquire ownership of the building. Because the agreement is for one month, you are under no obligation to continue the agreement after the first month term. In the event you are unable to continue the payments, just call our office to schedule a return in advance of your due date.

What if I want to move the building to another location?

Relocation must be carried out by Mast Mini Barns. For more information relocating your building, please contact us.


What kind of interest rate am I paying?

This is not a loan; therefore, there is no interest or principle. It is a rental-purchase, and all payments are rent with the option to purchase upon successfully complying with the agreement.

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