Our professional delivery team uses a state-of-the-art piece of equipment called The Mule to deliver your new building with minimal disruption to your yard. The Mule transport system allows for exact placement, without the use of a crane, even in tight fit areas.

Delivery Service Area

Our experienced shed delivery & setup team works throughout Michigan, Ohio, and parts of Indiana. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Clearance Needed for Delivery

Our team needs a clear path from the street to the final resting place for your shed or structure. Please clear any low-hanging tree branches or fences along the pathway before the delivery day. The Mule delivery vehicle is capable of driving anywhere a truck or SUV can go, but the path must be clear.

Preparing a Foundation for Your Shed or Backyard Structure

We recommend a 4” to 6” deep gravel base of crushed limestone or concrete for reliable drainage and stability.

Other common foundations for a shed or backyard structure include: Concrete paver (2”), limestone pad, and poured concrete slab.

If you would like assistance with site preparation, please contact us.