Building Specifications

The Quality Behind Mast Mini-Barns

4x4 pressure treated lumber
Floor Joists:
2x4, 12” on center pressure treated lumber
5/8” exterior grade or optional 3/4” pressure treated sanded plywood
Sidewall Studs:
2x4 16” on center studs; double top plates
Exterior Siding:
7/16” OSB with Vinyl Siding, (1/2” 4 ply plywood optional)
2x4, 24” on center, (16” centers optional)
Roof Sheathing:
7/16” OSB, (1/2” 4-ply plywood optional)
240 lb., 25 year self-sealing asphalt shingles or optional 25 yr. architectural shingles
  • Double swing vinyl clad with aluminum wrapped trim and jamb
  • Diamond plate floor edge protector
Select models have standard windows (see price flyer)
Tee Handle with keyed lock set
Shed Specifications

Deluxe Trim Package

We offer the Deluxe Trim Package on select buildings.

The Deluxe Package Includes:

  • Architectural Shingles
  • Two Round-top Vents
  • Roof Line Trim
  • Deluxe Door and Window Trim
  • Three Color Combinations